I Am With You And For You


     It is tempted to get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget that God is guiding us. It is our choice whether we listen to the guidance or go our own way. I spent a lot of time today getting out of my own way. I had a few experiences that were out of my control(I prayed and called on God) and I just had to go with it. 

     I know that every moment is not of my choosing but God is with me and will guide me through it. Praying with and for friends really helps me to get a better perspective of my issues. We know that there are others who have it much worse, but when you take the time to be grateful for what you have and what you have been through, your outlook gets brighter. I know mine does. 

     In times of extreme hustle and bustle I find that yoga is just the thing to calm me down and help me breathe. Even just five minutes goes a long way in my life. I had this bright idea to keep my yoga mat unrolled so I could do a pose any time I stepped on it, until I stepped on it with my cowboy boots and I cleaned it and rolled it up. I can’t be that lazy, that I cannot take the time to unroll my yoga mat(oh you would be surprised). So I updated the idea to, have your yoga mat where you can see it. 

     Shalom and Blessings

Romans 8:31

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