We are called to trust in God with our whole hearts, mind, body, and spirit. When things are going good it is easy to say that we trust God completely. When things start to take a turn for the unexpected, we say we trust God(not as loud). Forgetting that God is in control of our good, iffy, and trying times. God knows what we are going to go through before we do. 

     Today I can say that I trust God completely and I hope that I trust Him even more when things go in a different direction. This also means that I have to change the way that I look at situations(in parts/moments) in order to truly see how God is leading and guiding me. I also have to remember that God has a good plan for me. When things go in a different direction for me, that does not mean that God isn’t with me, it just means things are different and I have the opportunity for a new experience. 

     So here’s to trusting God more in the new year. 

Shalom and Blessings

Psalm 63:2, 2Chron 25:1-2

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