Refresh For A New Day


     This morning’s devotionals speak to getting refreshment in our spirit through God. In an instant, God grants us peace and a renewed spirit. When we recognize God being with us in all circumstances, we can view our lives with new eyes. Even when we think we are going through something that we just can’t bear, God will bear it for us if we ask.

     In order to give God our best, we have to place him as the top priority in our lives. This can begin with prayer as soon as we awake and prayer before we go to sleep. I find that when I make God a priority, I pray more. I love that God always listens to prayer(no matter how offbeat it might be). 

Here’s to making God a top priority in my life in this new year. 

Shalom and Blessings

“When you affirm that you’re not ready, the universe will agree with you.”-Kris Carr

Ezek20:40, Psalm 31:19–20


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