Acceptance aka What Do You Accept


     In case you didn’t know I am obsessed with pop culture and celebrities(I am actually obsessed with a lot of things). So, I like many black women in America was so happy to hear about Gabrielle Union’s engagement to her boyfriend D. Wade. I mean who isn’t happy for someone who gets a huge ring and what we hope to be happliy ever after? Then a day later I find out that D. Wade also just had a baby with some chick(yeah I said it), while he and GU were on a break. Who does that? The reports(and GU’s twitter) also said that GU knew about it. What?? That’s so not cool to me. 

   Why am I mad? Because Gabrielle Union presents herself as this strong black woman, a supporter of women’s rights, and standing up for yourself. I am confused as to why she would want to marry a guy who had a baby with someone else while they were on a break. Of course the internet has been talking about this for days. My answer is still the same. This makes GU look bad and I feel bad for her. She seems to be a great person and she is successful. Do you mean to tell me that there are no single, no kid having guys out there who would fall in love with her?

     I know you may be saying “Well, he already has a grip of kids”. Yes, he does. My argument would be that he had them before he and GU were together. All I can say is that she is better than me because I would not have accepted a ring after that. This is just one ,more reason why I believe it is so important to have standards(get some, make some, borrow some) and stick to them no matter what. Because as we know “I can do bad all by myself”. So ladies, all I can say is once you know better you do better. I pray that I continue to do better because I sure have learned a few lessons. 



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