Relaxing is the bane of every A-type, driven, hyper, on the go person. But it is something that we all have to do. We either relax by choice or relax in a state of burn out. We all have the choice in how we will relax. Today I am choosing to relax by yoga, deep breathing, and prayer. I also can relax by taking a shower(if I can take off my shoes haha). 

     God wants us to relax in His peace and grace. Its a great place to go to whenever I am stressed(usually by my own making). When I relax, my mind calms down and I gain a new perspective on what is bothering me at the moment. For some reason, my twitter feed seems much more relaxed than my facebook. I am not sure why, but that was one observation I made today. Tea also relaxes me but it is not permitted on the daniel fast. Listening to soulful music is also relaxing. So I am listening to Norah Jones. Her voice is magical. 

     So here’s to more relaxing in the new year. 

“I pray that I may realize that, for good or bad, past days have ended. I pray that may face each new day, the coming twenty-four hours, with hope and courage.” Twenty Four Hours A Day

Shalom and Blessings

Psalm 105:4, Luke 10:39-42, Psalm 31:14-15, 



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