December New Blog Posts Leading To The New Year(1)


Since the single woman blog challenge has ended, I have decided to pick a new blog challenge for December. Its pretty much going to be about life and love. One post a day about life and love. I know you may be thinking “What does this girl have to say about love?”. Well, I think a whole lot.  I love a ton of things and a ton of people.  So I think I have a lot to blog about.

Right now I am really excited about where life is leading me(even though it hasn’t quite gone as I would have planned). I was having a conversation with one of my dearest friends and I told her that I was acting like Andie in “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days”. So in order to not act that way I brushed up on my dating self help stash and watched a few Rom -Coms. I mean there is nothing like good, positive distraction to keep you from getting super text happy. So since I have dipped my toes in the dating world, I expect to have many new adventures in the new year. So yeah right now I am super giddy and feel like I just want to burst from joy but I can’t. I have to hold it all in for the right time 🙂 I guess I am just happy that I have a reason to keep my heart open and accept the real care that is given to me.




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