TheSW30(30) Dear Future Mate


Dear Future Mate,

                               I have been praying for you for so long. I have been on such a roller coaster in this journey called life and I can’t wait to meet you. A lot of people say that while God is working on us, He is also working on our future mate. I pray that you are continually filled with God’s love and don’t give up on looking for me. 

     I just want to apologize up front for the many, many, mistakes I have made while waiting for you. I had waited for such a long time(which turned out to be not as long as I thought). I was too short sighted to see that I needed to continue to wait. I saw brief glimpses of you until I found out that it wasn’t you at all. When I get frustrated and cry because I haven’t met you yet, I start to pray harder. I pray blessings and peace for you. 

     Thank you for doing what it takes to find me. Thank you for accepting me quirks and all. Thank you for showing me what love truly is. I pray that we have a long life filled with love and peace. Thank you for seeing through my walls to the heart of me. Thank you for showing me the truth about myself and bringing out the best in me. 

     I know that life is short and I just want to spend the rest of it in gratitude with and for you. I hope and pray that God continues to bless us and protect us in all that we do, until the appointed time that we are to be together. Always know that you are in my prayers and heart and I pray that I am in yours. 


                      Your future mate 🙂


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