TheSW30(22) What Fictional Character Do You Identify With?


I find that I identify with most of my favorite fictional characters. I think most women want to live a story book life. Sometimes God writes our stories in such a way that they are better than fiction.
Some days I think I am a Disney princess waiting for my prince. Wondering if he was turned into a frog or a pumpkin. Other days I think I am like Wonder Woman after a great workout.
Some days I feel like Elle from Legally Blonde because I can be so naïve. Other days I feel like GiGi from He’s Just Not That Into You because I am so hopeful and silly in this thing we call the dating game. When I am tackling a hard problem, I feel like JLo in Enough when she got strong enough to fight back.
But most days I just feel like good old me. Just taking life one day at a time and happy for it. I love the fact that I can still learn new lessons no matter who I may think I am today.
Happy Saturday!


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