TheSW30(18) A Conversation With Your High School Self


 Dear High School Self, 

                                      You are enough just as you are. God made you beautiful and you are. Don’t worry about all of those crushes, they won’t matter in the long run. All of those quirky things that you love, keep loving them. The high school job that you had that your coach looked down upon, yeah you should have kept it. 

     All of your English teachers who told you that you couldn’t write, don’t worry, you will have even awesome’er teachers who will guide you and encourage your writing. You are not a horrible writer, you just didn’t have inspirational teachers who could help mold your words(yes, it wasn’t right that you had to teach yourself grammar and composition in jr. high). 

     Don’t just read your high school book list. You needed to read all of the classics(because you now can’t seem to read them fast enough, I see you Anna Karenina). Stay in Calculus and Physics, just because your teachers don’t like you because you are new, doesn’t mean you can’t learn with a little tutoring. 

     Try not to do anything rash in moments of impulse(that is how you lost your eyebrows and did your first big chop). Sure you were a trailblazer but it didn’t have to be so awkward. This will lead you to a need to always chop your hair off(and then wonder when it will grow back lol). 

     Your anger is explosive, out of control, and truly a work of art. You just needed some yoga and meditation to keep it all in check. Sadly, you spent years throwing fire onto fire. You will be haunted by it forever and you will spend huge chunks of time trying to not be angry and your insides will churn. 

     Its ok that all of the boys you had crushes on didn’t crush back. You will survive. You can be strong with or without a crush. You will spend many years not believing it but its true. It is important to always love yourself because at the end of the day it is who you are left with. 

     You should have gone to Roanoke when you had the chance. It would have opened new doors for you. Instead you will spend years upon years constantly having to prove that you are smart. You are already smart. If other people can’t see it, that is not a reflection on you. 

     You should have went to the gym. It would have really helped you. You will spend years not going to the gym and then spend years in the gym trying to make up for lost time. The gym is awesome. The gym is a safe place. You deserve it. 

These are some things that I would have told my high school self, if I could.


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