TheSW30(17) What Are Your Spiritual Beliefs And How Do They Impact Your Relationships?


     My spiritual beliefs are both complex and simple. I am a dyed in the wool Baptist who has become a tad more liberal in her old age and has respect for all teaching that draw a person closer to God. I am a big believer in the quote “Religion is for people who don’t want to go to Hell and spirituality is for those who have gone through it”. I believe that my faith in God grows when I am in relationship with Him. I believe in personal devotions. I believe in the Word of God. I believe that God has a plan for my life. 

     How does this impact my relationships. Well, I love most people(because I am human). I strive to see the good in others(until they do something bad that makes me cross them off of my list). I have a lot of standards for a partner, but when some cute guy winks at me, my first thought is not “What is his relationship with Christ like?”. That is probably one big reason why I am single now. I think that because I am so open and accepting of others, that guys should just be ready to have a relationship with me at the drop of a hat. Nope, that is not how it works and when it does, it is just a road to disaster. 

     In my last relationship, I thought it was so awesome that my ex went to church with me. Until I figured out that he only went to church with me to keep his eye on me. I didn’t need a guy to go to church with me before and I don’t need one to go with me know. I would hope that my future partner would want to grow together and know that we go to church to grow in our relationship with God. 

     I think that my beliefs have helped me to make better choices in potential partners(for the most part). When I take the time to get focused on what God is calling me to, I don’t have time to give out my number to people who aren’t even the slightest bit interested in me(I have been doing good in that area, still a work in progress). I continue to pray for my future partner. I hope he is praying for me too. 



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