TheSW30(15) Closure


     Closure is something that we all want and need at some point in our lives. We can often know that we need closure but have fear that we will not be able to get it. You may wonder how to move forward with an issue of closure. Well, I think that you can have closure for yourself. You can have closure without having to have a major conversation with the other person. 

     The important point of closure is that you know that you want it and you are willing to have it in your life. Closure also takes time. You can’t rush it. Closure helps us learn more about ourselves. The reason why I did not include a narrative of closure with one person is due to the fact that I have had to have my own sense of closure with a number of people. 

     Closure is freeing. It helps us put our best foot forward in the world. There is a reason why we have to learn some lessons over and over(because we were not ready to learn it the first time). For instance, I need to have closure with my piles of laundry. I know that once I make peace with it, I can move forward and do something else. 



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