Sweat Once A Day(9) Sweat and Sweat Some More(Race recap)


Today was my fourth marathon. I thought I was all set to go until I got to the race and forgot my fitbit. Bummer. Well I met a ton of awesome ladies from Black Girls Run! San Antonio. We took a lot of great pics and had great laughs. 

We lined up in our corrals and of course I had to go to the bathroom. So we begin to move to the start. I don’t have my ipod and everyone is talking about their ipods. Literally. So we start and I feel great. Until I remember that hey there is no water stop at mile one. We had a new course this year. So I say out loud “I love hills” and then I start laughing like a freak because I know that there are going to be a ton of hills. Basically my run was filled with other peoples’ music and positive self talk. 

I looked for a friend at mile seven(didn’t see her but talked to her after). For some reason every time I got to a mile marker, I didn’t believe I was on that mile. So I had no idea that I was on mile ten when I got there. I saw an old friend at mile 12 who encouraged me 🙂 The finish was weird because it was a new course and we didn’t have the last hill. So you were hit with a mock finish and photographers before you hit the real finish. 

The funniest thing is, I wore some makeup and every time I hit a water station, I poured a cup of water on my head. I lost an earring and a head band. I took two extra potty stops. But overall, I met some awesome people and hot guys even cheered for me(swoon). So I felt like it was the best race I ever had(even though I don’t know my times yet). I just wanted to make under 3:00. I also think it went well because I trained with a full plan and I ran for one minute and walked for a minute. I stretched after and took a hot bath when I got home.I will try and post some pics tomorrow. 

How did you sweat today?


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