TSW30(7) Where You Are Vs. Where You Thought You Would Be


Well, where I am now is I am a grad student(again). I am single(again). I am trying to write a book(again). I am running a marathon(fourth one).
Where I thought I would be, oh I thought I would teach forever(nope). I thought I would be married and have kids, a house, a dog and a cat(not even close). A lot of people say that it is important to look at the new plan that your life is following. I feel like my new plan is the wildest roller coaster I have ever been on(I hate roller coasters). I have to take the time to focus on the small things in my life(like the great apple I neglected that is yummy). Otherwise my roller coaster goes off track fast.
I am grateful for my old and new friends who help me see that I will be ok. I am thankful for all of the small seeds that have been planted in my life. I am grateful for my health and marathons(they give me life).
So I hope to walk in gratitude today 🙂

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