Sweat Once A Day(6) One Drop Of Sweat


     So today I did the blogilates Work B* ab workout. I felt like a whale. You were supposed to bring your torso up into a situp with your legs extended. I could barely do a crunch! But I kept pushing anyway. Then I did some yoga. After that I did the Blogilates Muffin top workout. It involved a move where you worked the obliques. I know I didn’t do it right but I could definitely feel the burn.The funny thing about these workouts is that when I was finished, I was sore but I only had a little glow lol. 

     I feel really positive about the rest of the day. I hope I can drink all of the water I need to(I shoot for 8-12 glasses). Water is awesome because it refreshes the body and flushes out toxins. I’m not picky about my water, the fresher the better. Usually I just drink good old tap water(if I’m really chipper I put in lemon and cucumber). 



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