TSW30(5) The Biggest Misconception People Have About Singles


The biggest misconception that I think people have about singles is that life is easy and we are totally fulfilled.
Well, let me just say we all have hard seasons in life. I think being single is hard when I have to keep re learning the same lesson. Being single is hard when all of my desires bubble up to the surface every other second(due to my super wild impulses) that make me think the instant I see a cute guy that he could be the one for me. Today on my run I had to tell myself that just because I think someone is awesome doesn’t mean they think I am(I see you mailman).
I think that if I were totally fulfilled, I would be in an awesome relationship or I would have no desire for one. Yes, I know I’m a very black and white thinker. That in between stuff is hard for me.
When someone says hello to me or makes small talk, I think they like me,then I get confused when they either don’t continue the conversation or don’t ask for my number.
These are just a few of the misconceptions that I think people have about being single.
Oh yeah, one more is when they don’t understand that getting into a relationship is not effortless. Since I resigned myself to not taking guys captive, its hard because guys just don’t seem to show me interest. Now I’m not just talking about hot guys, I’m talking about any guy. How would you like to walk around feeling invisible and undesirable for a relationship? Yep, its the worst suck on earth. So in the mean time I have to act like its just me and my unicorn against the world because if I stayed in the truth, I wouldn’t be half the person I am on a good day.
Head up and work diva 🙂


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