TSW30(2)-Describe A Moment/Day When Being Single Really Sucked


Oh does it really just have to be one moment/day? It sucks all of the time. I will do my best to go down the line. These are my opinions but I have a suspicion that other singles may feel the same way. 

Being single sucks when you see many of your friends in awesome relationships, getting engaged, getting married, having babies, living life as a family. Because when you are single, its just you. The Bible says that man was not meant to be alone, and in theory that is why community is emphasized. But in some areas,the community as a whole is unwelcoming to singles. A lot of times when people are in relationships, they forget what it was like to be single. 

Being single sucks when you are fresh out of a relationship, or anytime people ask you about your ex, or assume that you and your ex are still together. Now, don’t get me wrong, I answer everyone with a big smile and a laugh but in one week my ex and I will have been over for a year. That is twelve months, shoot that is a full three hundred and sixty-five days and to have people in real life and online think that I am still in a relationship rips daggers into me. Because I am super single. I am so single a dollar bill has nothing on me. 

Being single sucks when people tell you things like “It will happen”, “There is a great guy out there for you”, “You just need to be nice”, “You just need to go out” “You just need to _______”. The truth is none of us knows where our next partner is. I promise you Mr. Next has not been beating down my door(real or imagined). How do I know? Because I have went on one date in the past three hundred and sixty-five days and Mr. Wrong didn’t cut it. 

Being single sucks because I do feel empty inside. I feel like I’m still not good enough for a good guy. I feel like I’ve wasted my life. I feel like my happy ever after isn’t going to happen. These are the moments when being single sucks. Being single sucks when you don’t have kids because you don’t have your own family. You don’t get to experience all of those joys that people have when they have kids. Being single sucks when you go to weddings and you don’t catch the bouquet(yes, that is a thing). Being single sucks because you don’t have someone to share this journey called life with. Being single sucks because you create all of these what if scenarios in your mind with past relationships and then you snap to reality and realize they were just fantasy. 

So yes, even though I usually have a smile on my face, or I literally laugh out loud, my general consensus is that being single sucks. Now I think if I had a tad more money and was really independent, I would be out there creating my own adventures(still in my dreams). In the meantime I continue to pray for my future partner and throw myself into my goals or a good book because its just easier that way. 





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