TheSW30(1) Why Are YOU Still Single?


     Good morning! I found a few thirty day blog challenges and one of them is the single woman’s blog challenge. The question that I get asked by men and women alike is “Why are YOU still single?”. I like to think I have a good answer for this but I really don’t. It will officially be one year that I have been single on November 17th. Which is also the same day of my half marathon(yes to freedom). 

One reason why I think I am still single is because I have high standards that I now enforce. The same way that God is changing me for the better, I think that He is working on the person that He has for me. It takes patience(which I seem to have in short supply some days) but its so worth it. 

Another reason is that no one has asked me to be exclusive let alone on a date. When I say no one, I mean a Godly guy with standards. I was telling some of my classmates that I want a rich husband. I then let them know my definition of rich is a job, a savings account, paying their taxes, having a 401(k). They cracked up. Rich in my eyes is totally subjective. 

A lot of times people say “Oh, stay single for a year”. Well, since my year is almost here, I think God is just telling me that it is my time to be single and it may be for more than a year. I also think I haven’t learned all of the lessons that God wants to teach me. I mean I can check everything off of the domestic goddess list(cooking, cleaning, taking care of a home) but do I love the way I am supposed to? Am I spending the time that God asks of me in His presence? Basically, I have things to work on. 

So for now, I am working on not being so aggressive, continuing to pray for the person God has for me, and living life one day at a time. 

How about you?



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