30 Days Of Truth(28) What If You Were Pregnant?


     Well, this is another weird prompt. If I were pregnant I would keep the baby. In the past I had those fleeting thoughts that I was pregnant and then mother nature laughed and said no, not today. I think every girl wants the happy ever after story ending. So, of course I hope to be married when I finally do have kids. But at this moment, no relationship and no kids. 

     I have always loved working with kids so I thought I would be a natural at taking care of my own. First, I have to take care of myself. Some days that seems to be like a hard enough task. I think that happy well adjusted parents are the key to happy well adjusted kids. 

    Please note that these are just my opinions about myself. I believe women have the right to do what is best for their own bodies. I am a Pro-Choice Christian because I am not God and everyone makes choices. 


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