30 Days Of Truth(27) What Is The Best Thing Going For Your Life?


     Hmmm, the best thing going for my life right now is that I am alive. I am so lucky to be free to live my life. I can enjoy the world around me and help others. Sometimes its the small things like getting knee socks on sale for a dollar. I am healthy. I am growing and learning more and more each day. Yes, my life is the best thing going for me. 

     My hair is also a great thing going for me. Even though I attempted to do something completely different with it yesterday. Oh, it was funny. My hair said “Excuse me, have you forgotten who I am?”. So its going to be a free curly fro for a bit(until it decides it is ready to grow again). 

     I’m trying to change up my style a bit(go a tad retro). So, I think that is awesome too. I have the ability to make changes no matter how small. I’m up for any adventure. I can take time to reflect and learn from it. 

I guess I am just thankful for today 🙂

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