31 Days To Write Your Story(25) You’re Gonna Need Your People


Yes! I need all of the positive people in my life. I need all of the people who support and encourage me through the good and the bad times. I need the people who understand me. I need the people who push me toward the goal. I need people to function. I can’t do it without others. 

Who do you need in your life?

Shalom and happy writing


NaNoWriMo word count: 5,287

Words to Go: 44,713

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  1. Do you have these people surrounding you in real life or online?

    I find I need the same, people encouraging me to press on, to achieve my goal, to not get sucked in to the temptation to edit but to finish writing in the first place – but more often than not I find these supportive friends online when it comes to creative writing.


  2. Tara you just cracked me up! Yes, the people I speak of surround me in real life and online. Maybe it is only writers who can truly support other writers because they know what it is like.
    Happy writing 🙂


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