Adventures in Trader Joe’s



So my good friend scooped me up for our trip to Trader Joe’s. I was so excited because I love going to Trader Joe’s. Its a perk every time I go. So we go in and I get to push the cart while my friend shops. Elvis was playing over the speaker. Every time I looked at someone they were singing along to the song. I was bobbing my head to the beat. Yeah, I know but I just love music. My friend and I literally go down every aisle. I pick up a new kind of seaweed that I had wanted to try. We come around the bend and my friend talks about trail mix. I love trail mix(literally). So of course I get consumed with the different kinds(raspberry and chocolate, yes).

We finish shopping and head to the check out when this totally cute guy takes our cart and says he can check us out. Well, I know that I am smiling and I think I nod my head yes while I notice his running shoes. OMG, yeah I love sneakers and I have an affinity for runners but I digress. So I say to the guy “Nice costume” because he is dressed up and he mentions that they can dress up until Halloween. Then I say something silly like “Oh, because its Friday?” and my friend says “It’s Sunday” OMG! LOL. Of course its Sunday(why did I forget that?).

So then the guy mentions why he chose his costume and we talk about running. Then he offers us a yummy snack! Nice! So, my head is totally exploding when he mentions my next trip to the store. Then I say “Oh, but you probably won’t be here and they will say you totally have a girlfriend”. Then he says “I’m single” What?! So of course I leave him my email and number. Yep sure did. Then, I totally dropped like a million bags which I promptly picked up. So smooth right? lol So, I had to run home and blog about it because I could not stop smiling about it.

So, we shall see what happens. At least I brightened someone’s day 🙂


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