30 Days Of Truth(18) Your Views On Gay Marriage


Your spirit lives on -)

Well, as I grew up my views on gay marriage changed drastically. I grew up in a very legalistic conservative church and we really didn’t talk about the LGBT community ever. I have always known people in the LGBT community. As I grew I realized that God loves all of us. Many in the LGBT community have stronger relationships than many hetero couples. So I am all for gay marriage. I think people who are in love and want to be married deserve to be married. I know that there is a God and its not me. I know that I want my own happily ever after so who am I to look down on someone else who wants their own?

This may lead you to say, how can you be a Christian and hold these beliefs? Well, I consider myself to be a liberal Christian(yep super open minded). Because the last time I checked Jesus hung out with everyone. I strive to be more like Jesus in all I do and I know that He wants me to love others.

What say you?


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