30 Days Of Truth (14)A Hero That Let You Down


Dear past heros,

Thank you for being human and showing me that you too make mistakes. Thank you for giving me perspective and showing me who to really put my trust in. I would have fought to the death for you, until you committed the ultimate sin in my book(lying, cheating, using, just plain old not being true to yourself). I’m looking at you every person that I thought was awesome and super human. Man, you let me(and countless others down). But its ok.

I picked myself up and look to other great people(who have honesty, character, and are true to themselves) for encouragement. I also look up to me. I know I am a work in progress, but sometimes you just have to be your own hero. All is well in the universe and life does go on.

Thank you for showing me that forgiveness and admitting wrong honestly are keys to living. How can I tell others to be true to themselves if I am lying to myself? How can I encourage others to tell their truth, if I don’t know what truth is? Yep, I can’t. So here’s to rigorous honesty and telling my truth no matter what.

Are you your own hero?


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