To Kiss Or Not To Kiss…That Is The Question


Hot pink roses

Kissing, its magical, its wonderful, its amazing. It is a true intimate act. I have kissed boys since I was five. I grew up in the time of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” (in the church arena). Which also lead to numerous authors who advocated saving kissing until marriage. How romantic, how sweet, how awe inspiring.

I had a conversation with a great friend who mentioned that she went on an awesome date and didn’t kiss the guy. I was shocked! I could not imagine. So of course I grilled her. Until she said “I want to get to know him”. Boom! Again, I was still shocked. My head was spinning. When I said “Hey, maybe I should take a page from your playbook”. I talked it over with an older friend who totally agreed with her. She said that kissing is very important and you don’t want to kiss just anyone. Mind blown.

Then I remembered that I haven’t kissed or been kissed in a year(not because I didn’t want to but no one wanted to). Then it all made sense. I have given away my kisses and so much more for nothing. So I have decided to honor myself and my kisses by not kissing every person that I just so happen to be attracted to at the moment.

So I plan to continue moving forward in my plan to being who God has made me to be and will continue to pray that there is a great guy out there(who is single and not in a relationship, married, or some other sign of taken) who would want to get to know me and kiss me one day.

Feel free to chime in. Are you saving your kisses?


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts aChristianMingler. It makes a big difference, when you take time to think about it. Hope you have a great day.


  2. Eddie Two Hawks, thank you for reading and expressing your thoughts. Yes, I would agree it each person looks at a kiss differently.


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