31 Days To Write Your Story(10)Exceeding Likes/Describe The Details


It all happened so innocently. I logged into Facebook and saw an interesting page(like Chocolate or Everybody Loves Cats). I liked the interesting page. Well over the years, I guess I have liked a lot of pages (like “Like this goat because everyone likes goats). So now, when I go to like a page on Facebook(of a real person or another cat page), I get an annoying message that I can’t like the page because I have exceeded my my number of likes which is 5,000. Ummm hello Mark Z. I like everything! So why can’t I just like everything? Do you know how hard it is to unlike a page when all your pages have been categorized into genres? Super hard. Also, its much easier for me to like a page than it is to unlike one. Is this a cosmic joke?

So that is my Facebook dilemma of the moment 🙂

Like on friends, like on 🙂



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