Adventures in Awkwardness #12,345,678


   So last night I went out to meet up with an old friend, and some acquaintances. I was having a nice time. Then I saw a drummer I knew. I went over and said hello. Soon the band starts playing and one of the band members has awesome dreads(yeah, I know). So at a break, I went over and complimented his dreads. He was very kind and shook my hand. I went back to my little section. 

   After a bit a group decided to go to another spot. We go and have prime seating. So we people watch and play this game of single, not single. It was a blast. The guy that I am hanging out with declares this scenario for wing person. So me and another girl say ok we will go for the band members instead of the lead. 

     I get an opportunity to talk to this band member and I go up and say that he did a good job. When I get back to the group, the guy says that I messed up. So we leave and on the way out I stop by the band area and ask the band member if he plays at other spots. The lead tells me a bit about his fb. 

Long story short, when we leave, the guy tells me that I did it all wrong and I was shy and timid. I made the comment that I thought my outfit wasn’t shy and timid. He said it screamed shy and timid. 

     So now I’m awkward and sober. I keep saying that I’m not going to date(which is quite easy when no one asks you out). So, I’m not sure what to do. I know that the old aggressive me didn’t get me what I wanted, but my true awkward self doesn’t either.

Also, when I asked the guy who I was with if he wanted my number, he was like “Why? What would we do? I would have to find vegetarian spots for you”. So I was like “ah, ok” and that was it. 

Can you relate?

Do you have awkward moments?


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