30 Days Of Truth(9)Someone You Didn’t Want To Let Go But Just Drifted


     What an interesting post title! There were so many one night stands that I didn’t want to let go(in that moment) because I was always eager to be with someone/anyone (like oh he’s hot and funny, this will totally work out). Bless my little naive heart. Until all of the mini tears in my heart added up to one big break. My actions and consequences hit me in the face hard and fast until I had to work them out. 

     I got to the point where it was me before any fleeting pleasure. So it was me, myself, and I for a while(more than six months) and I met my ex. I loved my ex more than plants love the sun. I put myself aside in a few aspects because I used my love for him as a shield. I thought that my love would carry us through it all. But one sided love is like ocean water, it comes to the land and covers your feet until it has to go back into the big ocean. I didn’t want to let go of my love for him until I was left with no choice but to let it go. It was me or him and in that instant I knew it was going to be me if I was given the chance to live. So here I am living and loving my life and my future. 

Who didn’t you want to let go?



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