Eat, Pray, Run


Hello blogworld!

This will be my little place in the world to talk about things that I enjoy like running and vegan food.
Over the weekend I was asked if I had a blog and I replied yes(then I remembered it was private).
So this will be a place for my public thoughts 🙂

I completed my first marathon on Sunday and it was interesting.
I trained for a year and feel like I had a crazy day.

Something weird happened with my D-tag(the chip on my foot) and I stopped being tracked at the 10k mark. I really want to know what my time is (I started at 8am and ended around 230pm or so).

It is hard when people ask me how I did and I actually don’t have a time to tell them.

My family also completed the race this year(the half and the relay) and everyone is excited about next year. So, I can’t wait.

I hope to complete a few more races in the new year(5k, 10k, 1/2).

Well, thanks for stopping by!


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